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The Landlord Law Firm is committed to educating landlords and property managers on ways to make their properties more rewarding and profitable. To fulfill this goal, we regularly present our ideas at local and regional venues around the state. 

Below is a list of upcoming scheduled events, the topic, and the contact person for each seminar:

No seminars currently scheduled. 

Would you like the Landlord Law Firm to speak at your group's event?  We'd love the opportunity! Please contact us at (203) 874-4747.

Seminars Available:

Lease Management 360° – An Introduction (a three-part series)

Part 1: Get the Rent or Get Them Out
Part 2: The Appropriately "Meddling" Landlord
Part 3: Getting Rid of the Problem Tenant

Click here for descriptions of all three seminars.

Section 8: Tenants, Leases & Contracts
Having problems working through all of the legal details of owning or managing Section 8 properties?  This seminar will help clear the cobwebs that form when dealing with government agencies!  Topics to be covered include:

  • How to avoid the trap of the "Section 8 Lease"

  • Where to turn (and who to contact) to obtain tenant lease compliance with the lease

  • How to ensure your Section 8 rent subsidy does not get abated

  • How to gain leverage on the tenant's Section 8 Voucher to obtain lease compliance

  • The importance of enforcing your rights under the "Section 8 Lease"

  • Why Section 8 Administrators do not get involved in lease disputes, are not  responsible for your tenant's lease compliance and why they refer to YOUR tenant as THEIR "client"

Fair Housing Policies
This course is designed to help landlords and property managers navigate through the landmines associated with fair housing policies.  A sampling of the topics include:

  • Which tenant classes are federally protected

  • The impact of discriminatory treatment as well as how to recognize and correct it

  • Federal statutes that protect the disabled tenant

  • What is considered "reasonable" accommodations and modifications

  • How to correctly communicate with tenants regarding fair housing issues

  • How to safely deal with and document tenant complaints

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